best emergency food supply

What Are The Best Emergency Food Supply

best emergency food supply

Title – What Are The Best Emergency Food Supply

The best emergency food supply should be shelf-stable, nutritious and easy to make in a crisis. Here are some ideas:

  • Canned goods, like veg, fruit and soups. They have a long shelf-life and can be eaten straight away. Manual can opener required!
  • Rice, quinoa and other grains can be put in airtight containers. Great source of carbs and nutrients.
  • Dried fruits and nuts – high in calories and energy.
  • Freeze-dried meals – lightweight, easy to prepare, long shelf-life.
  • Jerky – high in protein. Pro tip – store in cool, dry place. Away from sun or heat.


When it comes to emergency food supplies, it's vital to choose items that are shelf-stable, easy to cook and have a good balance of nutrition. Here are the best ones:

  • Canned foods – like veggies, fruit, soups, and meats. Long shelf life and can be heated over a stove or fire.
  • Dried/dehydrated food – like pasta, beans, lentils, jerky and fruit leather. No refrigeration or space needed.
  • High-energy food – bars, peanut butter and trail mix. Quick bursts of energy in an emergency.
  • MREs – Meal-Ready-to-Eat. Last up to 5 years. No cooking or refrigeration.
  • Water – Most important item. One gallon per person/day.

By having these, you can ensure your family is well-fed and prepared for any situation.

Types of emergency food supplies

Survival? It's essential to have the right emergency food supplies. Variety's available, from freeze dried meals to dehydrated fruits and veggies. To choose the best option for your needs, you must understand the differences.

Let's explore! What do emergency food supplies offer? And how do you choose which one is best? We'll answer that in this article.

Freeze-dried Meals

Freeze-dried meals are an ideal emergency food supply option! Lightweight, convenient and with a long shelf life. They've been processed to remove moisture and preserve their nutritional value and flavor. Here are the top picks:

  1. Mountain House Classic Bucket: Variety of freeze-dried meals in one container.
  2. Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply: Long-term emergency meals.
  3. Wise Company Emergency Food Supply: Easily prepared with hot water.
  4. Backpacker’s Pantry: Perfect for camping trips and outdoors.

In an emergency, freeze-dried meals are a dependable source of nutrition and energy.

Meal Replacement Bars

Meal replacement bars are a great choice for emergency food supplies. They have a balance of nutrients and a long shelf life. Different kinds are available:

  • Protein bars are high in protein and low in carbs. Ideal for bodybuilders and fitness fans.
  • Energy bars are higher in carbs. A favorite among hikers and climbers.
  • Meal replacement bars have a balance of carbs, protein, and fats. They can replace a full meal when needed.
  • Fiber bars are high in dietary fiber. Perfect for those wanting to curb cravings and aid digestion.

Pro tip: Buy meal replacements with natural ingredients and low sugar for a healthier option!

Canned Foods

Canned foods are a great choice for emergency food. They last long and have essential nutrients. Here's why they're great:

  • Fruits & veg – Vitamins, minerals, fiber. Go for low-sodium and no added sugar.
  • Meats & fish – Protein and healthy fats. Pick ones without salt or preservatives.
  • Beans – Protein, fiber, and carbs. Choose low-sodium kinds.
  • Soups & stews – Full meals with many flavors. Check ingredients for added salt.

Canned foods are perfect for emergency supplies! Convenient, nutritious, and long-lasting.

Criteria to consider while selecting emergency food supplies

Choosing the ideal emergency food supply for any circumstance can be overwhelming. There are many factors to ponder. It is important to pick an option that gives proper nutrition, long shelf-life, and other factors such as how easy it is to carry. So, what should one take into account when picking the correct emergency food supply? Let us take a peek!


Shelf-life is a must-know when picking emergency food. It means how long food can last without rotting, losing nutrition, or getting unsafe to eat.

When picking emergency food, there are things to think about:

  1. Shelf-life: Pick food that can last at least one year or more to make sure it's still good to eat and healthy.
  2. Nutritional value: Check if the nutrition is complete with all the vitamins, minerals, and calories.
  3. Storage: See if the food needs to be refrigerated or frozen, and if that's doable in an emergency.
  4. Calorie density: Pick food that has lots of energy per serving size.

Good emergency food supplies are canned food, freeze-dried meals, MREs, and energy bars. These meet the criteria and can give you energy in a crisis.

Tip: Always check for an expiration date and rotate your food often to keep it fresh.

Nutritional value

Nutrition is one of the key points to think about when choosing emergency food. The best supplies should have a good balance of calories, nutrients, and shelf life, and still taste nice. Here are some nutritious emergency food ideas:

  • Canned beans: Great for energy, as they have high protein and fiber.
  • Nuts and nut butter: High in fats, protein, and fiber – they give a boost of energy and make you feel fuller.
  • Whole grain crackers: Complex carbs and fiber, provide energy and help stop hunger.
  • Freeze-dried fruits and veggies: Retain lots of their nutrition, with vitamins and minerals.
  • Canned fish: Tuna and salmon contain protein and healthy fats – perfect for an emergency food supply.

Prioritize high-nutrient, shelf-stable options to get the nutrition you need in tough times.

Caloric density

Caloric density is an important thing to think about when selecting emergency food supplies. In an emergency, choose foods with a lot of energy in a small serving size. This helps make sure you get the most out of your food.

Some of the top emergency foods based on calories:

  • Peanut Butter: One serving has around 190 calories.
  • Nuts and Seeds: High in healthy fats, protein and fibre – great snacks for emergencies.
  • Dried Fruits: Full of dietary fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, with 300 calories per serving.
  • Canned Goods: Nutritious and long lasting, with lots of calories.

Remember to pick foods that are jam-packed with nutrients, lots of calories and that have a long shelf life. Don't forget to store water too!

Pro Tip: Plan ahead and keep track of your supplies to make sure you have enough food for an emergency.

Best emergency food supplies in the market

Survival requires a good food supply for emergencies! Selecting the right one is challenging, since so many are offered. Read on to discover the top emergency food supplies on the market. We'll help you make a wise decision.

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply is one of the best on the market! It's great for preparedness and camping. Here's why:

  • Shelf-life: Up to 25 years – thanks to their packaging process.
  • Quality: High-quality ingredients – no hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or flavors.
  • Variety: Breakfast, entrees, snacks and drinks – all with different calorie counts and servings.
  • Affordability: Accessible for those on a budget.

Pro Tip: Read the labels carefully and check the serving sizes and nutritional info for the best value.

Features and Benefits

When shopping for emergency food supplies, it's vital to consider features and benefits that'll help your long-term survival.


  • High Calorie Count – Look for ones with lots of calories to give you energy.
  • Shelf Life – Make sure they last a long time, so you can store them.
  • Nutritional Value – The best supplies should be nutritionally balanced.
  • Convenience – Look for ones that are easy to store, prepare, and eat.


  • Longevity – These'll ensure long-term survival in times of crisis.
  • Cost-Effective – Generally cheaper when bought in bulk or as a kit.
  • Peace of Mind – You'll have the peace of mind that comes with having food on hand.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are a must when finding the best emergency food supplies. Here are the top 3 emergency food packages with the highest ratings!

  1. Augason Farms Deluxe 30-Day Emergency Food Supply – Over 200 servings of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Shelf life of 25 years. No refrigeration needed. Customers gave it glowing reviews for variety and taste.
  2. Mountain House Classic Bucket – 12 pouches of entrees and sides. Up to 30 years shelf life. Only hot water needed. Customers praised its convenience and portability.
  3. Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack – 104 servings of entrees, breakfasts, desserts and drinks. 25 year shelf life. Just add water. Customers loved the value and taste.

Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply

Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply is one of the best options out there for emergency food. It provides top-notch nutrition that can last for a good amount of time.

They offer 30-day food supplies for families or individuals, as well as smaller 72 hour kits. Plus, they provide gluten-free and vegetarian options too.

Each kit contains various meals, such as soups, stews, pastas and breakfast options. All of these food items are long lasting and easy to prepare as you just need to add water.

Whether it's a camping trip or a disaster situation, Augason Farms' emergency food supply can give you peace of mind. You and your loved ones will always have access to food and nutrition.

Features and Benefits

Selecting emergency food supplies? It's important to consider their features and benefits. Here are some key ones:

  • Long shelf life: 25+ years provides peace of mind for when you need them.
  • Nutritional value: Essential vitamins and minerals for your body during times of crisis.
  • Variety: To avoid palate fatigue.
  • Convenient: Packaging and serving sizes that are easy to manage.
  • Portable: Lightweight and portable packaging for when you may need to move quickly.

Pro tip: Make sure to select emergency food supplies that meet all of these criteria and store them in a cool, dry place for longevity.

Customer Reviews

Deciding the best emergency food supply can be tough. Customer reviews help make the decision easier.

Here are two reviews of emergency food supplies:

  1. I bought 3 months of emergency food from XYZ. The quality and taste were great. The meals are easy to make, even in an emergency, and provide balanced nutrients. I liked the variety too, so I don't get bored with the same meals.

  2. I tried ABC's emergency food on a camping trip. It tasted great and was filling. The downside is that the meals are quite heavy to take on a long hike.

Mountain House Emergency Food Supply

Mountain House Emergency Food Supply is an excellent choice. It provides a diverse range of meals that can last up to 30 years, when stored correctly. You just need to add hot water to prepare the food. It's great for outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, and hunting trips.

Other emergency food supplies in the market include:

  • Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply
  • Wise Company Emergency Food Supply
  • Legacy Food Storage – Emergency Food Supply
  • ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

It's important to compare and select the best option for your needs.

Features and Benefits

Getting emergency food supplies? Know the features and benefits needed first. Look for:

  • Long Shelf Life- 5 to 25 years, depending on the type.
  • High Nutritional Value- balance of vitamins, protein, and more.
  • Compact and Lightweight- easily stored & transported, minimal packaging.
  • Variety- range of meals and snacks for taste and nutrition.
  • Convenience- easy to prepare, minimal cooking equipment & time.

With these features, you'll be sure to choose the best emergency food supplies!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are great for finding the best emergency food supplies. Here are some popular ones:

  • The Mountain House Classic Bucket has 12 pouches of meals that last 30 years. Customers like the ease of storing and cooking.
  • The Augason Farms Deluxe Emergency Food Supply gives 30 days of food for one person, with a 25-year shelf life. People love the taste, variety and customer service.
  • The Wise Company Emergency Food Supply comes with 60 servings of freeze-dried meals with a 25-year shelf life. Customers are happy with the convenience, quality, sustainability, and responsible sourcing.

Reading customer reviews when buying emergency food is important. They give helpful info on taste, storage, and quality.

Factors to keep in mind while storing emergency food supplies

Emergency food must feature in any disaster plan. Having some food ready to go immediately can be the difference between life and death. These are some points to consider when choosing the right supplies:

Location and environment

Location and environment are important to bear in mind when storing food for emergencies. To keep your food safe and nutritious for as long as possible, follow these tips:

  • Store your food in a cool, dry place that's well-ventilated to avoid moisture and humidity.
  • Keep your food away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Don't store your food near chemicals or toxins, as this could cause contamination.
  • Put your food supply off the ground, on shelves or pallets, to protect it from water damage.
  • Make sure the storage area is easy to access, organised and has enough space for your supplies.
  • Check your food regularly for signs of damage, contamination and expiration.

By doing this, you can guarantee your emergency food supply is safe and ready to eat when you need it.

Temperature and humidity control

Temperature and humidity control are important for emergency food supplies. Here are best practices:

  1. Store them in cool, dry spaces with a temperature between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid direct sunlight and large temperature fluctuations.
  2. Check humidity levels. Aim for 15% or below.
  3. Get a dehumidifier for more control.

These steps will help extend shelf life and guarantee safe consumption.

Container selection and organization

Selecting the right containers and organizing your emergency food supplies is essential. Here are key factors to consider when storing them:

  • Container material: Use food-grade plastic, metal cans, or glass jars. Avoid using containers that may contaminate the food with harmful chemicals.
  • Container size: Pick smaller ones that are easy to handle and transport. Larger containers may be hard to access or carry during an emergency.
  • Labeling: Label each container with the food item name and date of storage. This will help keep track of inventory and spot spoiled/expired items.
  • Storage location: Store the food supplies in a clean, dry, cool, and dark place. Avoid placing them near chemicals, moisture, or heat sources.
  • Organization: Group similar food items together and organize them by categories. This will help access the supplies quickly and prevent waste.
best emergency food supply

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